The Indian wedding of Chan and Amrit was a destination wedding to everyone but us! And what a wonderful wedding it was! A 3-day Indian wedding full of colour, tradition, tears,  laughter and lots of dancing!

The couple  live in Canada but they decided to get married in Greece. So they flew everyone from all around the world in Athens and they planned the perfect wedding! A mix of Indian and western tradition!

It was a dream come true for us! We always wanted to live upclose and have the opportunity to capture all the amazing moments and all the colorful traditions of an Indian wedding. At first we were a little intimitaded of all these new traditions and all the details of the wedding , but our wonderful bride, Amrit, was kind enough to walk us through everything!

An amazing prewedding party at the Polo Club kicked off the 3 day event. Everyone arrived by bus and soon enough the party started! We were stunned! So many colors, so much happiness! We didin t know who or what to capture first! The couple was so happy and it showed! Everyone around them was dancing at the sound of Indian music and we were lucky enough to see upclose many Indian traditions!

The next day was Chans' day! We went to the grooms villa, full of family and friends, to capture some even more amazing Indian traditions! What we took from that day though was the hospitality of Chans relatives and friends. We felt practically part of the family. It was so nice to be part of a different coulture, and to feel and see that we are all so similar in the way that we experience happiness!

The next day was the big day! And it started very early in the morning! Chan wore his traditional wedding clothes and Amrit looked gorgeous in her red wedding dress and her stunning make up by the talented make up artist, Vasiliki Livadioti. The wedding took place at the Shri Guru Nanak Darbar temple in Athens. It was another new photographic experience for us. The pictures speak for themselves! As soon as the wedding finished we took of with the couple to take some pictures under the Acropolis and soon after we went to Ble Azzure for the wedding party! The couple made their entrance on a scooter and not long after, their family made some very emotional speeches. Just listening to those speeches still makes us a bit teary...

We knew from the prewedding party what to expect party wise and the guests didn t disappoint! The wedding party was even crazier!

Now that everything has passed and we have these amazing pictures to look at, the thing that stayed with us the most was the realization that happiness has no borders.  Love is something that defines every person on this planet, regardless their religion, their traditions, their family and country. And we are just happy enough to witness that love with our own eyes and capture every moment of it.

A wedding that we will never forget.

You can enjoy the spectacular video of Chan and Amrit's wedding here.